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Hi nnnnn,

I got your name from nnnn as someone who might comment on proposed new regulations for restraint and seclusion from the Mass DESE.

The public comment period is only open until November 3.

Regardless of whether you live in Mass, your comments are very valuable as an expert in the field.

The proposed regulation updates are posted here:

I am preparing suggested comments and collecting evidence for each area here:

- Can you submit comments to the MA DESE (email to before November 3?

- Can you send me any suggestions or share your comments so they can be used to inform other commenters? We especially appreciate any evidence, studies or other background which supports your input.

- Can you send me names of professors or others who I can reach out to and ask them to comment?

I will reach out to any parents or experts in behavior, restraint, PBIS, or related disciplines anywhere in the US or beyond. I especially appreciate any comments or evidence that will convince school staff and administrators that they can be safe without prone restraint or prolonged time outs.

Thank you very much. Let me know if you have any questions, need more information or want to talk more about the proposed regulations.


your name and contact info